YogiDance YogiFit Island Adventure Yoga for Kids!

taught by Jessica Walsh
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Course description

Learn fun yoga poses through the activities in YogiDance!

In this YogiFit course with Miss Jessica kids will learn many yoga poses while pretending to be animals, practice hand eye coordination with games, and go on an Island Adventure in the 30 minute class! Kids will learn our poem that we start every class with to teach them what yoga is all about!

In the 30 minute class we move through fun, imaginative yoga poses where kids can pretend they are collecting treasure on an island, while going on a fun adventure and using yoga to tell the story. This class teaches children many common yoga poses in a fun way, to keep them engaged.

Children will learn how to hula hoop in this video. They will practice balance with the hula hoop and do fun activities.

Class ends with relaxation so children can learn to rest their bodies, still their mind and breathe deeper. Relaxation also helps children to have a few moments without stimulation to explore how they are feeling internally.

We teach our rest poem to help children understand why they are relaxing.

YogiDance is a yoga-based exercise program for kids. We combine yoga, hula hooping and teach relaxation in every class for the following reasons:

  • Yoga improves balance, flexibility, and patience
  • Breath training develops healthy minds and improves focus and relaxation
  • Hula hooping and games burn calories and strengthen the abdomen
  • Non-competitive atmosphere Increases resilience and stress-coping capabilities

YogiDance provides children with a nurturing environment to build self-confidence where no one loses and creativity is encouraged! Expect your child to finish, happy, relaxed and ready for anything!

Miss Jessica teaches the class in this video, and there are no children in the video.

Children should not do yoga at least an hour after eating, and should wait 30 minutes after the class to eat.

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Jessica  Walsh
Jessica Walsh
Founder of YogiDance

Jessica Walsh is a certified 200 hour yoga teacher through The Himalayan Institute. She studied yoga and dance at Penn State University. Her teachings are based on the Iyengar style and focus on proper alignment. Jessica attends the Yoga Journal Conference, Wanderlust, Bhaktifest and other festivals annually to study with internationally known teachers. Some of which are Marsha Wenig, Bryan Kest and Judith Hanson Lasater. She is the founder of YogiDance, a kids yoga program.